At Pitmaston Primary School, children are offered a wide range of opportunities to join clubs. These meet at either lunchtime or after school. Some activities last for half a term, whilst others are regularly run throughout the school year. On the whole, clubs are supervised by school staff and are free of charge. However, if outside agencies are involved, a small amount may be charged.

Alongside this programme, runs a programme of visiting specialists and opportunities for example:  Relax Kids, Bikeability, Artists, Bell-boating, Recorder lessons and Sports Coaches (See the Curriculum/P.E & Sport).

In Years 4, 5 and 6, residential trips are offered to all children. Currently they are Malvern Outdoor Activity Centre (Year 4), Pioneer Centre, Shropshire (Year 5) and PGL, Devon (Year 6). For those children who decide not to take part we offer school based activities.